For over fifty (50) golden years now, DZME has chronicled the passion of Filipinos for life – in all facets, Phases and aspects – and reflected their aspirations and struggles for a better life.  It has recorded the Triumphs and adversities, the calamities and the coups, the fiestas and the financial crises of the nation. It never abdicated its role, not even during the Martial Law regime when   “The feisty station along Roosevelt Avenue” was one of the brave few which reported events as they happened.

DZME’ s franchise was granted on June 15, 1968 when Congress authorized the Capitol Broadcasting Center of Jose M. Luison and Sons Inc. to operate an AM radio station. In 1996, a new group of investors took over, promising to continue the tradition of excellence in the new millennium.

DZME now sports a state-of-the-art, fully-digital Harris stereo transmitter. Twenty-five thousand (25,000) watts of crystal-clear signal booms 20 hours a day from its tower in Obando,  Bulacan. The stations’s high-fidelity broadcast can be heard from up north in Batanes to down south in Tawi-Tawi. And now, through live streaming on the internet, DZME is available anywhere in the world online thru various social media platforms.

DZME’s corps of broadcast professionals is among the best and respected in the field. Some are institutions in the industry; others belong to the so-called “Gen X” . A few can make your rage in anger over the lastest government anomaly, while the forte of some is to render genuine public service and giving life hacks. From stringing editorials to bits of homey advice and on to steamy showbiz tidbits, DZME has it all. It is a shoulder to cry on, a public service facility , a talent center, a religious hub, and a community bulletin board – all rolled into one. DZME’s  balance programming targets all age and income groups. Truly, it is the radio station that entertains and uplifts, as well as enlightens.